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It is mainly used in automobile and railway transportation industry: automobile shell and other parts, door, inner plate, main column, floor, bottom beam, bumper, instrument screen, minivan, fire fighting tank car, refrigerator car, tractor cab and machine cover, etc.


Mainly used in electrical industry and communication engineering: arc extinguishing equipment, cable protection pipe, generator stator coil and support ring and cone shell, insulation pipe, insulation rod, motor protection ring, high voltage insulator, standard capacitor shell, motor cooling sleeve, generator windshield and other strong electrical equipment; Distribution box and switchboard, insulated shaft, glass steel cover and other electrical equipment; PCB, antenna, radome and other electronic engineering applications.


Due to the special requirements for materials in aerospace, military and other fields, the characteristics of glass fiber composites such as light weight, high strength, good impact resistance and flame retardant can provide a wide range of solutions for these fields. Application: small aircraft fuselage, helicopter housing and rotor blades, aircraft secondary structural components (floor, door, seat, auxiliary fuel tank), aircraft engine parts, helmet, radome, rescue stretcher, etc.


New type of composite materials in the application of bathroom advantages: not deformation, high strength, high hardness, smooth surface, good heat insulation performance, good heat resistance, good electrical insulation, good aging resistance, widely used in the overall toilet, ceiling, bathtub, basin, laundry pool, bathroom floor.


Used in construction industry: cooling tower, FRP doors and Windows New, building structure, enclosure structure, indoor equipment and decorative parts, FRP plate, corrugated tile, decorative plate, sanitary ware and integral bathroom, sauna, surfing bathroom, construction template, storage building, and solar energy utilization device, etc.

Sports and leisure

Composite materials have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, large freedom of design, easy processing and forming, low friction coefficient, good fatigue resistance, etc., and have been widely used in sports equipment. Typical applications are: snowboard, tennis racket, badminton racket, rowing, bicycle, bicycle, motorboat and so on.