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About us


Jiangsu Bi-gold New Material Stock Co., Ltd. (originally called Zhenjiang Yuda Composite Material Co., Ltd.), located in the beautiful Jurong New Material Industrial Park in the eastern suburb of Nanjing with convenient transportation, covers an area of 66,000 square meters including 25,000 square meters of construction area. The company is divided into BMC/SMC ,Modified engineering plastics and High performance material.

  • The BMC/SMC division is professionally engaged in research and development, production, and sales of BMC/SMC material and products, having rich experience in the BMC/SMC field and relatively strong new product development capability. The existing products have been fully applied to multiple products such as plastic package motor, automobile headlight reflection mirror, bumper, SMC door plate, electric meter box, junction box, microwave cookware, high and low voltage appliances, etc., passed the ISO9000:2000 vision review and won the American UL certification (certification number: E240680); after the Swiss general standard (SGS) test, products were in line with the European standards of heavy metal content; food-grade BMC/SMC material passed the FDA certification test. The company has many presses of different tons and BMC special injection machines so as to process all types of BMC/SMC into finished products and provide you with one package service including mold development, product formula design, part production, and final assembly processing!

    The engineering plastics division involves modification research and development, production and sales of engineering plastics; the first phase of the company now owns the production and processing capability of producing 50,000 tons of various types of modified engineering plastics and plastic products every year. At present, the company has successfully developed four major categories including more than 130 types of modified polypropylene, modified nylon, modified ABS, PC/ABS alloy, etc.. The products include various modifications such as toughening, reinforcing, flame resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and so on. Besides, the products are widely applied to multiple fields such as automobile, railway, building materials, communication, electronics, sports and leisure articles, etc..


The company attaches importance to the construction of enterprise culture, actively opens up markets at home and abroad based on the business philosophy of “hard work, business integrity, quality first, scientific and technological innovation, customer first”, and provides every employee with comfortable working and living environments and broad space for development according to the talent concept of “people orientation, talent creation” so that employees can enjoy their work and work hard.

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